This has been one of those weeks that morph into one big time warp. No days, no nights, no hours, no beginning, no end. When I had to look at the phone to remind me of the day it was. When I was so tired that I just couldn’t go on. When I was so excited that I just couldn’t sleep but had to listen to the ocean outside our window. When I got so upset that I really had to breathe in deep, and out, and in, and out, and then talk. When I was so happy to be home that nothing else could have been more important. When I was struck by the kindness of family, friends and complete strangers.

When I met, for the first time, in person, Marcus Mac Conghail, and he met Pádraig, for the first time, having written the most beautiful poem and song for him. A meeting, though short, I’ll never forget, and hope we’ll meet again.

We went out for a walk on Dun Laoghaire pier.


It was windy, a bit ‘fresh’, but so so so full of life. I know, I know, the pier doesn’t look exactly packed on the picture, but there anglers, kids, dogs, runners, walkers, young and old – where would you see that in a hospital, never mind a nursing home?

Where it’s routine to be confronted with talk about persons with potential and persons without potential. And resources being allocated to those with potential. When I know that we all have potential. When I know you support those who need support badly. I know it’s not meant in a bad way.

But it makes me furious. Because life is for all.