There ain’t much to smile about in Pádraig’s live.

But this past week was just brilliant.


First the big welcome in Rosslare, then the steady stream of visitors coming in to visit him, especially towards the second part of the week, He never stopped smiling when he was hearing the familiar voices of his friends.

Being in Dublin is really magic. There are a few hurdles to take yet, but I am sure it will all work out.

We pretty much know what Pádraig’s needs are. We have been living with him since January. Of course, all of that will need to be confirmed by the Irish specialists, but we intend to work very closely with them.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of another week. The first week Pádraig will spend entirely in Ireland.

The Dublin city marathon will be on in three weeks and today was my 32km run, the longest during the preparation.