When we got back home this evening, the platform lift was installed, more lights added to the kitchen, the kitchen furniture almost ready, the floor in Pádraig’s new bedroom almost finished. Brilliant.

We’re getting there.

At home. At the hospital.

There are a lot of bits and pieces that will still need to be fixed at home. There are a few big things that still will need to be fixed. One of these big things was the stair lift from our kitchen up into the hall from where Pádraig will then have access to our living and dining rooms. They installer must have thought he was superman. Turned out he wasn’t. This was a job for four people. Wasn’t he lucky (and weren’t we) that there were a few other people working in the house. Although they had never planned to install a stairlift, they did.

Pádraig is back eating. Not quite yet the quantities and the consistency of the food he had previously, but he is eating fine. The x-ray they took yesterday to make sure his lungs were ok, also turned out to be fine. No aspirations. Not even the dreaded micro-type aspirations. Not really a surprise to us but a re-assurance for the speech therapist.

First conversations with the occupational therapist today. She’ll be assessing Pádraig to see what he’ll need in terms of equipment and physical surroundings at home. Again you wonder why not just copy the set we’ve been using for the past 10 months but it’s not as easy as this. I’m sure we’ll be getting there. I look at this from the positive side: we might find something that was overlooked previously.

We went for a walk around the building today and discovered a coffee shop, a restaurant for patients, and a restaurant for staff and visitors. And the toilets, of course. They are one size fits all kind of toilets which makes things so much less complicated. Pity that life is not like that. (And they left out at least one additional option.)

We’ve asked for permission to leave over the weekend, not home yet, but out for a walk in Dun Laoghaire, on the pier, if the weather allows. It’ll be great to see people, hear the waves, and feel the wind.