IMG_0838 IMG_0839Please: keep the music ideas coming! Music you think Pádraig would’ve liked and which was published over the past year or so.

You will remember that I talked about different gadgets that I thought could help Pádraig, and persons with similar injuries to his, help communicate.

One of them was the Emotiv EPOC headset. If you don’t remember, have a listen to Tan Le introducing it during a TED talk she gave five years ago, a talk that has been viewed 2.1m times.

Today, the headset arrived! – It looks really interesting but also a little bit tricky to use. Certainly lots to learn about this new and evolving technology. If it really worked, just imagine: a computer programme interpreting Pádraig’s thoughts and acting on them!

It’ll take some time to figure out how it works but it will happen!