I had to look this up: Kazakhstan. Never mind that it’s the most difficult country name to spell, short of Czechoslovakia, and that country doesn’t exist anymore. but where is it and why is it important to know?

“I’ve never seen an organisation as badly organised as the HSE.” chipped in healthcare consultant Martin Turner, which is something given that he has advised governments in Iraq and, wait,  Kazakhstan. The HSE was not a learning organisation and safety was not on its agenda, he said. (Irish Times, 9 May, 2005, page 5)

Martin Turner was brought in as one of the international experts to investigate the case of the “Midland Babies”, babies that died in Portlaoise hospital.

Mark Molloy, the father of one of the babies who died, said that he and his wife felt they had been “on a solo run” for two years and they had “worked within the system”. – “We thought we were telling people, at hospital level, local and national level, things they didn’t know, and it turns out they did and they stood by and allowed further unnecessary deaths. (Irish Times, 9 May, 2005, page 5)

Someone else (can’t remember who) also said that there was no reason not to believe that these scandals are restricted to Portlaoise or, indeed, to women’s or babies’ health.

Today is Ascension Day and, in Germany at least, “Vatertag”. Nobody remembered:(

Pádraig has started to play a game: picking up corks, lifting them up and ‘throwing’ them into a separate container. He needed a bit of help to hold his arm, but he can to it…