Escapism just got a whole new meaning. Saturday night on German TV cannot be beaten. Just now, there is a band playing, following hard on the footsteps of Chris de Burgh, which has had “außerfriesischen Erfolg”, Santiago – with “Lieder der Freiheit”, Songs of Freedom.

But, to a more serious question: when did yo last check

Well, check it out. Tell you friends to check it out. Tell your mother, your father, your aunt, your uncle, your TD and local publican to check it out. On Monday.

There are rumours that a new song will be posted there, called, what else: Pádraig. On Monday.

We went on another practice run today. A spin on the autobahn. No doubt, it’s a bit tight there in the back, but it’s working. We’ ll have a 2-hour+  long drive on Thursday morning to catch the train to Lourdes on Thursday very early in the morning which is now looking good. No doubt, we’ll make it to catcht the train, not to Georgia, but to Lourdes, at 5h50 in the morning:)

IMG_0846Back in the apartment, Pádraig had his dinner. And for the first time, he held his head up high, all by himself, for quite a considerable time. It is so amazing to see him progress like that. Holding his head – something one of his therapists in the hospital didn’t think would happen.

Thank you to all who keep the music ideas for Pádraig’s play list coming. Keep thinking of music that came out recently that you think Pádraig would have liked and I will get him a CD or two, maybe three, to listen to, getting up-to-date with new music!

Last night I went out (yes, I did go out!) with an old friend. We decided to do a cycle charity ride: from Long Beach to Nappa Valley in or around April of next year.

Whatch this space.