Whoever designed the form didn’t think it through. At least this is my take on it. It’s one of these forms where you think you know what they want to find out but you can see that the questions they ask won’t get them the answers they’re looking for.

Given Pádraig’s circumstances, I understand his answers. He doesn’t think ‘what if’. Like I do from time to time: what if he hadn’t had the accident, what if the driver had watched him instead of the oncoming car, what if he had hit the breaks rather than the accelerator pedal, what if Pádraig had not gone on a J1, what if what if what if what if what if what if…. This is not about what if. This is about now, today, how are things, not how could they be.

So, how are things? Life really couldn’t be that much better, the conditions are good, the important things are there, there is nothing to change over. That is Pádraig’s perspective.

And, man – I so admire him for it.

PS: Sometimes people ask you “where you do see yourself in five years time”? Where do I see Pádraig, what do I see him doing in five years time. When I looked at yesterday’s video, I suddenly had to think of a series they showed on German TV decades ago – and a really iconic scene in Der Seewolf – check out the last 20 seconds of the clip.