Thanksgiving is one of those occasions that doesn’t seem to have been ‘contaminated’ by commerce, a good friend told me the other day. Maybe that is the reason why it hasn’t made it across the Atlantic? There is nothing in it for businesses.

Giving thanks every day, not just on one day of the year, is a really healthy thing to do. Rather than focusing on all the scandals, the rotten systems surrounding us, the emptiness of vanity, the desperate situation so many people have to endure, giving thanks for the love we experience every day, the generosity of our friends and families and, at times, complete strangers, brings balance to my life and happiness.

A good old friend of mine, someone I don’t meet that often, today organised a fundraiser in their office at Demonware for the An Saol Foundation. There was a bake sale, as well as a fantastic display of handmade Irish pottery and brilliant crochet work, up for silent auction – all in aid of the An Saol Foundation.

In addition to their generosity, what really touched me was the interest of the people I managed to talk to in equality and inclusion of those who are still completely marginalised in our society, and who, worse, have no voice and very few advocates marching the streets and lobbying the media and politicians.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to our friends at Demonware and all around the world!