Just imagine: world peace, no more fake news, and all nursing home closed up and replaced by suitable accommodation in the community.

Fiction? Fantasy?

More about this later…

First, a video with Pádraig giving a demonstration of the use of a new gadget that just arrived, allowing him to stretch out his fingers and to squeeze his hands, against resistance.

The gadget comes with different strengths’ pulls and balls. So easy. Yet so challenging. Tomorrow we should really try the stronger pulls.

Back to the nursing homes…

According to Philip Ryan, writing in the Irish Independent, nursing homes will be entirely phased out within the next 20 years and replaced by retirement villages, Minister for Older People Jim Daly, said he plans to drastically reduce the country’s reliance on the traditional nursing-home model and move towards keeping older people in their own homes for as long as possible.

While I have not heard anybody addressing the issue of young people living in nursing homes, many of them people with a severe acquired brain injury (sABI), I suppose that problem will be resolved by default, not by intend.

Here is a small sample of news reports explaining why this issue is really a problem.

11 June 2018 Irish Times: Young people with disabilities are ‘being trapped in nursing homes’
Disability Federation of Ireland warns of human rights violations over PA shortage (by Kitty Holland)

31 March 2018 Irish Mirror: Patients as young as 17 sent to nursing homes due to lack of suitable HSE facilities – Over the past decade 242 patients younger than 50 were sent to nursing homes where the average resident age was 83 (by Lynne Kelleher). From the article: “Clinical psychologist Dr Aoife Dwyer, who interviewed young people with acquired brain injuries in nursing homes, said they felt like they were being imprisoned. She said: “They felt like they were being shelved. They have the sense that they don’t belong. They are bored, lonely, many reported that they were depressed. There is psychological impact of the sense of confinement and the sense of punishment as well.”

14 October 2018 Irish Independent: Young people with brain injuries ‘face a lifetime in care homes’ – More than 13,000 suffer brain injury each year but don’t get the rehabilitation they need. (by Alan O’Keeffe)

Is this a national scandal or is it? And, Milli Vanilli, the umpteenth attempt to put together and agree and publish and fund a draft implementation plan for the 2011-2015 (!) Neurological Rehabilitation Strategy has just failed. Again.

Tuesday is swimming day. The first time I went swimming with Pádraig all on my own. I think we both are feeling really proud that it all worked out. The carer that used to come left without warning nor notice. And gave us an opportunity to raise to a formidable challenge. Dreamboaters Ahoi!