We had, reluctantly, decided to back the English team tonight. Probably because we had heard a Frenchman saying that they would like to play England in the final and beat them.

with both eyes open this afternoon when we went for a walk

I stayed with Pádraig tonight to watch the match to full time and then went back to the apartment. Only to see England loose.

Pádraig had another busy day today with a few medical exams in the morning and then a few hours of therapy. One really interesting thing they have been trying here is to wrap his torso tight into bath towels and then support it with a wide special belt. That supports his whole upper body which, in turn, makes it easier for him to hold his head straight.

Wednesday is also the day of the “Visite”, the big “rounds”. Pádraig could be the only patient in the reha hospital not taking any medication. He could, in fact, be the only patient in a hospital in the whole of the country not taking any medication. Which makes it, I believe, even the more admirable that there are doctors here treating him in a very positive, proactive, and supportive way.

Pádraig also saw a senior doctor here today who has been here for decades, with a vast amount of experience. Watching him and listening to him as he connected with Pádraig trying to understand the reason behind some of his restrictions, for example in terms of opening both of his eyes, were a lesson in patient centred medical care. And so was the big round and the approach of the consultant. All pretty exemplary.

It is still strange to leave Pádraig behind in his room, although it’s really only to sleep. It is, though, also good to see that it is possible if necessary.

I brought some books with me to read and some work to catch up on. I’ve not been busier in a long time. Looks like the books, the work, and even ‘keeping in touch’ stuff will have to be if not postponed but then delayed….