They say the days are getting shorter again. Not here in Burgau. I’m just back at the apartment after 14 hours at the Therapy Centre, helping Pádraig with his food, attending his therapies, learning more about LIN (positioning in bed), going for a walk with Pádraig, and many other things I don’t even remember anymore.

Pádraig had a session in the centre’s robotic walking machine, Geo. The idea of the Geo is similar to that of the Lokomat, though there are a few difference. The main difference to me seems to be that the Geo is less controlled – it does not fixate the hips as the Lokomat does, and it does not control the legs as much. I guess there are advantages and disadvantages with each of the two machines. Have a look at how Pádraig was doing.


My plans for our stay here are not working out (yet) the way I thought. I am way behind with work I brought with me. And there isn’t a hope that I might even just touch one of the four really interesting books I had planned to read while here.

I kept one of the best things that happened today for last.

I received an email with a transaction note showing that the HSE had transferred the first instalment of their grant to the An Saol Foundation.

The 12 of July will never be the same. Because today we have proof that at least some people in the ‘system’ or the ‘establishment’ have recognised that persons with a severe acquired brain injury should not be left behind. The An Saol Project is a very small first step to change the hearts and minds of people about sABI.

Dreamboaters. Ahoi!