Second day in Burgau and Pádraig had about six hours with therapists today. Ergo, physio, speech, a walking machine (different from the Lokomat), a neuropsychologist, and a visit by the consultant. There was hardly any time for eating, drinking, or taking. a rest. It’s also really busy for myself. Not much time, but great learning and great experiences. The enthusiasm and the experience the people working here is really something very special.

Check out Pádraig sitting in his chair. Almost straight. And no sign of a headband. He is getting there!

There were so many things happening today that I am still catching up with all of it in my head. All the different therapists were there to get to know Pádraig and I think he impressed every one of them. The speech therapist had organised a session to check out how well Pádraig could use a computer for communication.

And i must say, I have never ever seen him so alert, tuned in, and so well able to use the computer to select options, to pick up words, or to spell. I was over the moon and embarrassed and annoyed all at the same time.

It’s almost as if it was our expectations that limit Pádraig’s opportunities. He is able to do so much more than what we allow him or offer him in terms of help and support.

The limitations aren’t his. They’re ours!