#SaolWalk   #PadraigsWalk

Five years ago today, I was getting ready to go to China the next day. First to Beijing and then on to Sanya on Hainan Island, in the South China Sea. I was going to give a presentation at a conference there. Pádraig was on Cape Cod, working in a Restaurant and a small country hotel. I was so looking forward to China – I was going to meet old friends and make new ones, do some really interesting work, and discover tons of exciting stuff about this really incredible country, its people and its culture.

Today, Pádraig had his usual physio session. there is a subtle but significant change happening in these sessions. It really seems that Pádraig’s pace of progress has at least slightly accelerated. He picks up exercises and new movements faster than he used to. There are observable and measurable changes at almost every session. Of course, this could be a short phase but if it is not, his progress will be more clearly visible and noticeable very soon.

This is Thursday, the day one or several of his friends call in to spend time with Pádraig and update him on what is going on in their world. Today was no different. How brilliant is that? Five years on, an his friends’ support and friendship is as strong as ever. Absolutely amazing and a real credit to them!

Finally, turns out it has all been a misunderstanding, again. And there has been an apology for this misunderstanding, again.

And then an email asking what time would suit us to have a meeting at the office of the Attorney General on Tuesday.

I wonder what is causing all this confusion and ‘misunderstanding’? The first thought that came to my mind was, and I am saying this with the greatest respect: if it is so difficult to arrange a meeting I can see the infinitely greater difficulties and potential misunderstandings around an investigation into how the police dealt with Pádraig’s catastrophic accident. To do these things properly you have to be organised and competent and determined; and have a strong sense of what is wrong and what is right. And then be brave enough to follow through.

Today was the longest day of the year. And to be honest, it felt like it:)