Five days to go.

Some weeks ago, I wrote to the Attorney General’s Office to ask for a meeting this coming Tuesday morning – Tuesday being the only day we’ll be in Boston. One of the attorney’s I had been in touch with before asked if we could have the meeting after the 29h as they would be away – if not, they would make sure we would meet, on Tuesday, with one of her colleagues who would also be familiar with this case.

Today, I asked for a time for our meeting on Tuesday.

A few minutes ago, I received a reply from that attorney apologising for the ‘misunderstanding’ but that they would not return until the 29th and could not arrange a meeting before that, contrary to what had been said before. They offered a phone call.

A bit more than a year ago, I wrote the email below to this attorney in the AG’s office.

I wonder what will happen when we turn up at the Office of the Attorney General on Tuesday morning anyway?

I wonder, will Pádraig get answers? Ever?

On 22 Mar 2017, at 16:14, Reinhard Schaler <> wrote:
Dear […],
thank you for your phone call of about an hour an a half ago in which you confirmed that in the light of the statement of the three witnesses to the accident you agree with the original decision by Chief Koch not to prosecute the driver. You offered to review any other evidence that you might not have seen and that I might be in a position to forward to you. You agreed that the investigation was biased but, nonetheless, led to the correct conclusions, i.e. not to prosecute the driver, Mr Couto.
I am, as I said in our conversation, horrified at these conclusions. The whole of the Brewster Police Department assembled at the accident spot, decided that the accident was caused exclusively by our son and took two statements to this effect: the first from a driver who was on a direct collision course with Mr Couto as he was overtaking Pádraig and the second from a jogger who, given the circumstances, most likely could not have had the clear view of the accident she said in the statement she had. The third witness did not see Pádraig at all as she was driving behind Mr Couto.
Neither the Police nor, I believe, yourself considered a statement by the most important and crucial witness, Mr Couto, who, by his own admission, did not keep Pádraig in his view (as he should have) as he was ‘safely’ overtaking him, keeping a ’safe’ distance’ – that is because the Police never took a statement from him and neither did your office, as far as I know. Vital evidence might have been lost because the Police did not investigate the vehicle involved (they took in the bicycle!) nor did they test the driver for substances, or his phone for calls (they did impound our son’s phone and checked it out).
While we had been told by Chief Koch that outside experts were going to reconstruct the accident to check the witness statements against the forensic evidence – that never happened. Instead, the local sergeant provided that reconstruction – a reconstruction that lead to conclusions refuted by an independent expert.
All the above in the light of the most serious accident the Chief had experienced in his career, leaving our son in a coma with doctors in CCH suggesting organ donation. The financial damage has been assessed in excess of US$11m – a burden that now rests largely on us. Pádraig is stable now, and is very very slowly recovering some of his basic functions. However, he still cannot move himself, he cannot talk, he requires help with every aspect of his daily life. I had to give up my work and my wife is considering to do the same. I don’t think anyone who has not gone through this can even imagine the impact.
There is no doubt in my mind that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr Couto that day drove negligently in a manner that might have endangered Pádraig’s life or safety. He attempted to overtake a cyclist, not keeping him in his sight, with dangerously close oncoming traffic, on a very narrow country road, a well-known traffic accident spot — facts not disputed by anyone.
Again, I really appreciate the time you took to review the case and to call me today. I will consider what you said and come back to you over the coming week or so.
With best regards,