We keep planning that journey back to the Cape. Pádraig’s visit to the Attorney General, this day week. And Pádraig’s walk tomorrow week.

This will be a difficult and testing journey. And walk. For Pádraig and all of us walking with him.

I want people to know about this. Talk about it. Share it. Because –

accidents like the one that happened to Pádraig should not happen; if they happen they should be investigated thoroughly; that insurers will cover the damage their insured cause and the financial burden of care and rehabilitation will be carried by those who caused it.

Going public is not easy. But in my mind it’s the right thing to do. Pádraig agrees.

Looking at Pádraig’s recovery, nobody, absolutely nobody will ever talk about an intolerable life, about return on investment in sick people, about wasted resource, about better dying than living ‘like that’ ever again.

In my mind, that’s an achievement worth talking about.