You wouldn’t guess what this is. I had never in my life seen one. Not even heard that they existed.

The other day, I saw one for the first time. A small cabin that moves up along a pair of rails into the room on top. When the lift is upstairs, you wouldn’t see in the downstairs room that there was a lift, unless you were looking for it. It’s a brilliant option if you don’t want a big extension but instead use the upstairs with a wheelchair.

We went swimming this afternoon and Pádraig floated in the water for the first time almost by himself, just supported by some floats. He relaxed almost completely and, also for the first time, used his arms and hands to move. And then there was, of course, the walking across the pool bit.

I have been thinking more about the necessity of holding people to account who ignore the needs of persons with a severe brain injury.

Toddler exposed to aggressive care in creche awarded €25,000 damages.

But what about patients who get injured, get dropped feet, and contractions – purely because of lack of appropriate care?