It was a long, very full day today. So many things happening, I can’t remember half of them. What I do remember are just a few things…

The kindness and generosity of people I hardly know but who I feel I have known for years. It’s something I had never had the privilege to encounter ‘before’. It’s almost out of this world but more real than a lot of the stuff people call the ‘real world’.

When a new health professional came to the house today and said it was unbelievable: reading Pádraig’s file and meeting him was as if they were dealing with two different people.

The incredible determination of young people and their families to get through the toughest of times, supporting each other, not taking the ‘default’ as an acceptable ‘solution’ when they are going through the brain injury wards in Irish hospitals – having met one of those families again today, traveling back and forth in my own memories, knowing that leaving them without the support they need is, at the best, negligence.

Having had a meeting with professionals who are going to help us to refurbish premises for the An Saol day centre in the FABrík in Glasnevin.

Not having heard from the state agency who has promised to fund our project, for months without an explanation.

It’s mind-boggling.