When I got up this morning, I remembered in horror that last night, I had finished, all by myself, a whole tub of ice cream. I also remembered that it had felt really good when I did it. I had opened the tub just to get a little bit of the taste, cold, creamy, refreshing, filling ice cream, rounding up dinner. – Have you ever done anything like it?

I blame the long run of last Sunday and the drain on my body for my craving of the sweet, sticky, full-of-calories stuff. Wholesome food, healthy and sugar-free is what one should it.

Should. But doesn’t. — Seems to be a theme in life. — Should. But doesn’t.

I’m sure people have written books about this. How is it that we know what is right but don’t do it?

Pádraig had a double music session today. Thoroughly enjoying both of them. The first one in the large auditorium of St Pat’s College (now DCU) at lunchtime with a range of different styles of music. Tapping his feet along the traditional music, moving his mouth and lips when he recognised songs by the choir. Maybe that session served as a warm up because he did really well later in the afternoon with his music therapy, holding the rhythm of the songs over a long time, tapping his feet against a tambourine.

We had a birthday in the family today and all got together in the evening to have a really nice meal, followed by a bit of singing in German/English/Irish (all the same song:), and the birthday cake. Being together, sharing the same food, remembering who had been around at the original birthday and how it all happened. Checking our own memories against that of others. Re-affirming and consolidating the ‘true’ story of that birthday. Magic.

That’s how it should be. Should.