Sleep in. Trip into town. Nice weather. Roasted chicken for dinner. A spin on the MOTOMed. Sounds like an ordinary Sunday? For Pádraig it was pretty extraordinary because most of what he did today was not something he was ever supposed to do. – I know it might get a bit tired and repetitive saying this all the time. But it is worth reminding myself (and whoever reads this) that what sounds so ordinary and almost boring is nothing but.

I got up early this morning and found out when people say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to you when they jog by. Or who says it. There are definitely more people greeting you with a friendly smile, the earlier you are out for your early morning run. Especially on weekends. That’s when people are in good humour, they feel happy and privileged running along the seafront into (or out of) the rising sun. And there is a tendency of older males being more communicative than younger females – but, that can be just me attracting encouragement from people who know what I’m going through:) It was 32k today, the last of the really long runs before the Hamburg marathon at the end of this month. And I can’t say it was a doddle.

A bit like life.