It was one of these really scary moments when we decided just to go for it. So we packed the back, got Pádraig and half of the family in to the car and went off to the swimming pool. Not the one on the South side of Dublin, but one on the North side that had been closed up to recently. Pádraig had learned to swim here. But he had never been there after the accident. We had rang ahead of our visit, but we hadn’t really checked it out.

The usual happened. There was no stretcher for Pádraig to change in the men’s changing rooms, but there was one in each of the women’s. Don’t ask me how, but with the incredible understanding and support of the staff, we managed.

And Pádraig had his second swim this week.

I didn’t say it to anybody because it sounds so ludicrous – but what I thought was that if he continues like that, he’ll be back in the water at 5 in the morning 5 days a week. Sounds ridiculous? – Well, had someone told me that he would go twice a week to two different pools a few months ago, I had told them not to be ridiculous.