There are days that are just uplifting. Today was such a day.

In the morning, we had a really good therapy session with Pádraig standing in his standing frame, with no back, just hip support, pushing his upper body forward and pulling it backward a few times over a giant ‘peanut’ all by himself – he took his time and the movements were very slow, but he did it. No once but a few times.

At lunch time I went out to swim in the grand final of the Corporate Swim a Mile Challenge organised by Swim Ireland. Our team didn’t quite know how we made it into the final but – we reached it and spent hours and hours getting ready for it: from a complete body wax of one of our team members, to an underwater Zen session of another, to top professional equipment (towel, shampoo, togs, goggles and all) of a third. Our forth team member didn’t need any of that and did it all in her sleep. In the end, we came in second (last) but were honoured with a special commemorative medal! My very first ever swimming medal!

Later in the afternoon, I met a truly exceptional woman who had recently lost her husband having looked after him for many years and who shared with me the ups and downs of her struggle. She is a true hero, though I know she wouldn’t see herself as one.

The day ended with the visit by two exceptional friends who joined us for dinner: tapas, paella, and brilliant company, with Pádraig on the table, really happy for having some nice food and loads of laughs.

All this: medals, food, company and laughter is what life is all about. – It never lasts, but stays with us forever.

And is something to be truly grateful for. Every day.