Rome was not built in a day, opposition will come your way. But the hotter the battle you see, is the sweeter the victory.

When I heard “You can get it if you really want” by Desmond Dekker on the radio today, I thought that someone was doing magic and had sent me this song. Had sent us this song, at a time when I felt a bit discouraged and resigned.

Persecution you must fear. Win or lose you got to get your share. You’ve got your mind set on a dream, you can get it though hard it may seem now.

But then – this is how the world goes. Not the way you want. Not at the pace you want. Not under the conditions you had expected.

Really, if that Stormy Daniels interview doesn’t cause a revolution, if Emma Gonzalez’ speech at the March for our Lives doesn’t begin an uprising but provokes former US Senator Rich Santorum to say that rather than protesting the kids should learn CPR – what chance have we got to change people’s hearts and minds about affording a life to those the health system has written off – more often than not based on a scandalous because widely known yet ignored mis-diagnosis. (In Ireland, there is strong evidence that 60% of those diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state are, in fact, conscious.)

We keep going, anyway. And we’ll try. Try and try. Try and try. And we’ll rise and we’ll succeed at last.