We’ll be getting up at 4am tomorrow. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ll be going to the airport to catch a plane to the sun.

We’ll be heading off to Spain, North of Barcelona, for Easter. As we always (well, almost always) did. What if not that is normality? When we were told about this life not worth living, this ‘intolerable’ life. this life not worth any further ‘investment’ because there was no ‘return’ on that investment? I mean, eat your heart out….

In the meantime, I had this thought. It’s not really funny. But it is curious.

You all know about the waiting lists for everything in the health service, even – or especially – for children. Over a year for scoliosis treatment, more than two years for speech and language therapy. Often more than 2 years for rehab.

Now, the current proposal for legislation on abortion in Ireland is that it will be legal within 12 weeks – if the Irish people decide to take out of the Irish constitution the 8th amendment in a referendum to be held this coming May.

My thought was: how on earth will the Irish health service deliver abortion services within 12 weeks? If they cannot deliver the most basic health care, life saving, services without year-long waiting lists?