I decided to go organic. Or, maybe, it was just an online shopping spree – with the excuse of healthy living.

On one site, I ordered organic vegetables and fruit, on another seeds and fish oil. If, what they told me, is even partially true, I’m now going to live a few decades longer and, perhaps more importantly, much healthier and happier. My heart, intestines, blood pressure, lungs, brain will all be infused with energy and strength. I’ll be running marathons and won’t ever again forget appointments. A bit like superman without kryptonite.

But even prior to that new healthy living approach, soon to arrive at our doorsteps, Pádraig got a taste, a sneak preview, of that power injection. The therapist who looked so well after him in Tating is over for a visit, exploring with us different and better uses of some of the equipment Pádraig has – and in the process solved the mystery of the bath tub.

I had tried to figure out for the best part of a year how we could get Pádraig safely into his super dooper jacuzzi jet stream extra long bath tub, how to support him, make it save and enjoyable for him. I had asked experts and visited trade shows in search of a solution. Without any luck. When we were pulling different cushions and other bits and pieces of material out of their bags, she had a brain wave. Which we swiftly tried out with me being the guinea pig. So I stepped into the bath – and, incredible, it seemed to work! Brilliant and ingenious!

Having made the ‘dry run’ work today, we’re thinking of doing the real thing over the week-end. Can you imagine: a warm, nice smelling bubble bath with jet streams massaging you body, after four years – what an explosion of sensation that must be!

PS: Before you even think about it: no, we did not take a pictures of today’s dry run in the tub!