From our kitchen it sounded as if someone was having a party somewhere outside. And in a sense it was.

Three of Pádraig’s friends had called over to see him after his long absence and had each brought their favourite biscuits. Pádraig’s job was to do the ‘tasting’ and determine which were the better biscuits. A terrible job for the teeth. But fabulous for the taste buds. His verdict was very clear (but won’t be revealed here:)

Pádraig also got it right when Pat asked him this afternoon whether he had been exercising on the MOTOMed earlier today – and I, when he said ‘yes’, initially contradicted him, thinking that he’d getting it wrong. Until, and only after Pádraig had insisted in his calm but determined friendly way that he had in fact been on the bike, I remembered… he was, of course, right. And I had been wrong. Makes you think, doesn’t it?