In management training as well as in social pedagogy coaches sometimes use provocative and solution-oriented key phrases to get participants thinking. One of these is: ‘Whatever you fight, you are making stronger’.

It also absorbs most if not all your energy, I would add.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to concentrate on finding and working on a solution?

This morning, we had one of the most amazing therapy, exercise and learning sessions with Pádraig in a long time. He managed to do things we never thought he’d be able to do.

He was on an exercise matt on the floor, lying with his stomach on a peanut-shaped exercise ball. He then lifted his upper body up and kneeled (all with considerable help but nonetheless), holding his head up high all by himself. Another exercise he did completely by himself: while lying with his stomach on that ‘peanut’ he stretched out his right and then his left leg, lifting his knee up from the ground and gently letting it down again, several times.

We were all exhausted after this morning but we had unbelievable fun. We all realised that we were experiencing something truly sensational and unexpected. We had two therapist, supported by myself and, at times, by Pat working with Pádraig, encouraging and supporting him with his efforts. And while he was working so incredibly hard, he was smiling, sharing his humour with us, and very obviously enjoying what he was doing.

It just shows what is possible if you try and if you have the support you need to make the ‘impossible’ happen. How happy, how proud of himself, must Pádraig have been this morning. How much hope and positive energy these achievements must have given him.