Microsoft today hosted the Rehab Technology Innovation Meeting, check it out on Twitter: #RehabInnovation, to which Pádraig and I had been invited to contribute. On behalf of the two of us, I talked about the need to support sABI survivors, introduced the An Saol Project, and talked about the obstacles on the way, our camino. Prof Lizbeth Goodman of UCD’s SMARTlab showed a short video of “An Saol on the Sea” as part of her keynote – our dream of a centre that would, under one roof, offer living and rehabilitation space to sABI survivors (and their families), a food court, artistic spaces, a technology and innovation hub, and accommodation for visiting artists, researchers, and therapists.

In the afternoon, we sat outside in the garden, a really nice, ordinary afternoon with phone calls, cold orange juice, and maltesers.

Later, we heard that the Society of St James had invited us to their annual mass on 23 July in St James’ church where Pádraig and us will meet some old and some new friends who have helped us so much to make last week’s walk such an unforgettable and life-changing experience. If you’re free that day and in Dublin – why not join us?