You probably wouldn’t believe it, but stretching out your hand is actually something quite difficult. So difficult that many persons with neurological problems can’t do this even with help.

Here is Pádraig doing it voluntarily. With purpose.

There are things that are hard to believe. There are moments when I thought (and think) that it’s difficult to see what life is all about.

Well, it’s about not giving up. About pushing that chair up that hill. About trying to overcome the most difficult obstacles. About believing that if you really want to do this, you can.

I think everyone who’s been seriously ill has had a visit (or at least the offer of a visit) from someone bringing in the glove, the mitten of Padre Pio. If you are very very sick, you might even have different people offering you to bring in “their” mitten.

On one of those occasions, on one of those visits Pádraig received while he was still in Beaumont, something happened. No miraculous healing or anything like it. Instead, I’ll remember that moment so well because it was then that I started to accept what had happened and was able to begin to deal with it.

Pádraig stretching out his hand, making this incredible effort and making it happen, tells me that he continues to fight the fight of his life. That he is dealing with his injuries and that he is doing all he can to recover from them. An example I’ll follow.