Each time over the past months that I had gone somewhere and came back home, I ‘parked’ my bag in our bedroom with the very firm intention to empty it and store it away. Today, I finally started to empty almost half a dozen bags from different journeys, including those from the Camino. You can now get into the room again without breaking your neck, but there is still a lot of clearing up left to be done.

When I left the big suitcase we bring with us for Pádraig’s stuff when we travel in his room, I couldn’t believe how organised and cleaned up it was. Probably the best organised room in the house. It looked even better as the late afternoon sunlight came in from the windows on the two walls. His is the only room in the house with windows on two walls which makes it the really bright.

When it hit me why it was so cleaned up, so organised, I felt my body flushed out. That feeling of total emptiness and shock I’m not experiencing that often anymore.

Life goes on. We make new memories all the time. Old memories fade away. Until something happens that just shouldn’t.

There’s that room. And it shouldn’t be so well kept. It should be messy.