Without imposing any restrictions – what would be the ideal living scenario for Pádraig, myself and the rest of the ‘gang’? In other words, if I could dream something up: what would it look like?

It would be flat. There would be an abundance of space. Wide corridors, wide doors. Super-sized windows, plenty of light. Community areas, formerly known as living rooms, with large screens and great sound system. Cosy, comfortable, mood-adaptable private spaces. Kitchen with a table everybody can sit on. A gym. Large storage space for stuff and equipment when it is not needed. An office for all the paper work, for the communications, the printer. A meeting room where we could plan our next steps.

Guest rooms. Carer and therapist rooms, maybe like small appartments. Where they could stay in the house for periods.

All of this on a large plot with a great outdoors garden, preferably (close) by the sea.

What am I missing?

Now, what would it take to make this a reality? And not just for us, but for anyone affected by a severe acquired brain injury? Together?