A cold, sunny day on a really beautiful stretch of the Camino. Long roads leading straight into the horizon, dark haunted woods with no way out, abandoned century-old houses and dinosaurs grazing on the side of the road. Life is exciting and there are adventures at each turn of the road.

You don’t believe any of this?

It’s all a matter of perspective. Remember the Dreamboat?: Will it sink or will it float down the stream?

In my simple German mind, impossible things are just that: impossible. Mainly because I wouldn’t even try them. Roads just do not lead into the horizon, there is always a way out of even the darkest wood, and dinosaurs are dead. End of story.

It’s when I do the really scary stuff, it’s when I don’t even bother my (German) mind because it couldn’t process what I’m doing anyhow, it’s when I just know that what I’m doing is the right thing to do, it’s then that I feel I’ve joined Pádraig on his journey.

I don’t like to be proven wrong. I want to be right. But at least this time, Pádraig has been right all along. Especially in relation to the really scary stuff. Especially in relation to the stuff that no-one “in their right mind” would even have considered to be doable.

We’ve just two days to go. Our arrival in Santiago on Friday will be mega. Because the impossible journey will no longer have just happened in a dream. But in reality.