A cold, windy, beautiful sunny day with clear skies, a mix of paved roads and gravel paths through open fields and woodland. Sounds familiar? And looking at the photos: I mean, how many pictures of ‘scenery’ and people walking through it can you look at before you wonder whether you’ve seen it all before?

But there are some pictures that are different. The ones with our taxi driver, Ramón, from Ordenes, for example. Ramón brought us to our starting point in the morning (where we had finished the previous afternoon) and collected us from our finishing point later in the afternoon. Without him and his wheelchair taxi, the only one in Órdenes, none of what we did would have worked out. We also said ‘good-bye’ to some really kind people in the place we’d staid for the past few days, who got their granny’s wheelchair so we could get Pádraig up the stairs and into his room (the building we stayed in was built in pre-MountainTrike time).

Tomorrow morning, we’ll walk the last remaining 17km to Santiago and, if all goes well, celebrate arriving in the city of St. James’s!