We had another lovely afternoon in Odin’s Wood today with loads of friends coming up to join us for the An Saol Café. It’s what the Germans would call a ‘Geheimtip’, a real insider place, for having the most excellent and widest selection of cakes and buns, together with all sorts of teas and coffees. Together with the best company you could wish for.

Last week, we used Pádraig’s standing frame for a few times. And he managed to do something he had not managed before. Standing up tall, with his arms rested on a giant blow-up peanut, he held his head up high, all by himself, for a few seconds.

Another first.

Yesterday, I also heard, for the first time in weeks, from the HSE again. We’re going to have a meeting, at a date to be confirmed, to finalise the agreement on the implementation of the An Saol Project.

Once that’s signed, we’ll be able to start working. – It’ll be another first.

I am not in despair (though I’m close to it at times:). It’s getting better. All the time.