Very many people (most?) are cynical when it comes to politicians. Not without a reason. I have asked myself many times, how they can go to bed at night and sleep. If they are the ones in charge, they are the ones who can introduce change.

Today, I want to share a letter I received from Taoiseach (Prime Minister for the non-Irish:) Enda Kenny, T.D., with you. A letter he did not really have to write, but which he wrote anyways. And I must confess that I found this short, to the point letter deeply encouraging, showing a degree of understanding and compassion I really appreciate. – And if he is reading this blog: Taoiseach, I sincerely thank you for your letter and words of encouragement.

We are making progress, however slow it is:) And that is thanks to all of you, including the Taoiseach, to all who have been supporting our work, who are not prepared to allow the scandal of the abandonment of survivors of sABI to continue.

Every day that passes without change being introduced is a day lost for Pádraig and others like him. It’s a day lost for me as well. For the first time in my life I am aware that I’m not going to live forever. (I’m a slow learner.) Which is why it would be nice if we could speed the implementation of the An Saol project up. Just a little:)