What a glorious day it was! Summer in Dublin! The Liffey didn’t stink like hell (yet), it’s not warm enough:) But the blue sky and gorgeous sea attracted big crowds to the beaches.

Pádraig went out to Donabate and really enjoyed the day!

We’re starting to plan next week’s walk on the Kerry Camino (never too late to start planning:) and I’m looking at the forecast every five minutes – as if that would get us better weather!

Also decided on a slightly different timetable for Pádraig in the mornings. We’ll spend just a little less time with the PAs and stretches and more on using the Tobii Dynavox, on talking, on doing quizzes, on ‘researching’ the news, music, films, books. It’s never just about physical, but also about mental exercise! I’m sure it’ll be beneficial for myself too:)