Dublin people used to go on holidays there, today it’s just a 30 minute drive and you’re there. In Bray.

It was a beautiful, bitterly cold spring day. Just perfect to go for a walk to this seaside town where Pádraig had spent his pocket money every year during a trip with his gran who brought him down to the seaside and the amusement arcades with their slot machines.

Not sure, but I think that this is where he must have discovered his interest in gambling, 5p at a time. He never hit the jackpot. But really enjoyed the thrill and the company.

We went down the promenade to the beautiful Bray Head Hotel and a little up Bray Head with beautiful views of Bray and the coast line. Dreaming.

Dreaming about An Saol. The Dreamboat going up the stream. A really exciting Future. Sin é An Saol.

This amazing community of survivors, family, friends, doctors, researchers, therapists, healers, scholars, musicians and artists. There are days when I think big. And think that every thing is possible.

Today was one of those days.