We are standing in the great tradition of the suffragettes and the cicil rights movement of the sixties. In the past, everybody had a right to vote – except if you were a woman; in the past, everybody had a right to education – except if you were black; today, everybody has a right to rehabilitation, integration, and participation – except if you were the survivor of a severe acquired brain injury.

Today was historic, a day to be remembered and to look back to in the future. The An Saol Café was in full swing. It was packed and there were conversations that had never been had amongst such a big group of survivors of sABI, there families and friends.


What really surprised me was the similarity of the experience despite the very different background to the severe acquired brain injury cases. These conversations will be continued.

And our campaign to claim the civil and human rights of our family members has just begun.

Well and then – today was the first time ever that Pádraig travelled on Dublin bus. A dreamboater on the green double decker bus. Brilliant, don’t you think? Had anyone told any of this to anyone just 6 months ago, they would have been told that they were dreamer. But we’re not the only ones…

PS: Here are some more pictures from the An Saol Café (courtesy of Sandy):