It’s National Brain Awareness Week, March 6th to 12th 2017, and tonight it was launched with an information evening in TCD with Professor Tim Lynch, Director of the Dublin Neurological Institute and National Clinical Lead for Neurology who was joined by one his colleagues as well as by one of his patients; Professor Shane O Mara, Professor of Experimental Brain Research in Trinity College Dublin, provided an overview of what the brain does in our lives.

One of the topics they talked about was deep brain stimulation, a kind of a pace maker for the brain, showing great potential for the treatment of many brain diseases.

Strangely enough, none of the Irish specialists had heard too much about the use of DBS for the treatment of severe acquired brain injury.

Had great plans for today, trying to catch up on work and plans for An Saol and although I was busy all day, it feels like as if there was nothing to show for.

Pádraig had a really great physio session in the morning with much of his body control slowly, very painfully slowly coming back, at least partially.

Taped a short interview for the Newstalk morning drive time programme which will be aired, hopefully, on Wednesday around 8:15.

Tomorrow is swimming day, but only after another, longer session of Brain Awareness Week in TCD’s Science Gallery.

No words from the HSE about a location for An Saol.