Back from Berlin tonight where I attended a 2-day ‘After Care Conference’. It’s the 11th year that this conference took place, organised by a group of organisations led by the ZNS-Hannelore Kohl Stiftung. It’s where I heard professors shocking the attendants telling them that they had been in an institution where they saw health carers hoisting survivors of acquired brain injury! Hoisting! Instead of doing a manual transfer!! They couldn’t believe their ears that sABI were still being hoisted.

It was lovely when I came back this evening and Pádraig welcomed me with a big smile. We had a few good news here today and everybody around was in a really good mood.

I am completely exhausted tonight and thinking of a great day tomorrow at the An Saol Café. Looks like we’ll have a record attendance of survivors, with Niall from Longford, as well as Mandy (currently in Donnybrook), and David (now living ini Bray I think) will join the ‘regulars’

We’ll be having a great time – and remember, if you’re coming, bring some cake along and, very importantly, any kind of instrument!

More about Berlin over the coming days – as well as about something of the good news I received yesterday and today…Good night!