More cakes, coffees, teas and biscuits, as well as a lot of good conversation and exchanges. An afternoon out. An afternoon shared with friends.

Today’s second An Saol social gathering was a bit quieter but really good for conversations and an exchanges of experiences amongst like-minded friends. Thank you to all who where there, brought cakes along, and shared their company with us!

We decided that for next Saturday and the coming weeks, we’ll make more use of the other rooms in the centre and organise an hour of activities, like games and music sessions for the injured family members, from 3-4, so that they get something even more special out of the afternoon.

If you know anyone with a sABI, please pass on the word about our meetings to them. I will not be able to be at the meetings every Saturday afternoon for the whole year, but we’ll go ahead with the weekly meetings as often as possible.

We know that our friends from Longford will only make it once a month, so that Saturday will be extra special!

Today is my birthday and my sister came over from Germany to celebrate with us. It was a good day.