12 people meeting in a room discussing a patient just one (maybe two) of them had seen in three months since their last meeting, never mind had treated. Would you have a name for such a meeting?


Today I went to a demonstration in front of the Dail highlighting the fact that Ireland is now the only country that had not signed the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. There were about half a dozen of people in wheelchairs, and a dozen people standing, with loads of cameras and reporters taking pictures. About twenty people in total. Would you have a name for such a demonstration?

A member of parliament, Róisín Shortall, TD, asked the Minister of Health about the fate of the An Saol Project proposal handed in to him and the HSE, and received a very general, standard answer. Would you have a name for such an answer?

Would you have a name for a society in which such things are ‘normal’?