Pádraig had one of the nicest pre-Christmas afternoons today. Three friends came over for a visit. We had the fire lit and talked about life, movies, books, travels, music and all sorts of other things. There was even the occasional silent moment. And plenty of laughter. Eating chocolate and biscuits, trying out the different types of incense one of his friends had brought from Nepal. It was relaxed, caring, interesting, warm, loving company. Nothing that needed to be done, nothing to worry about, no pressure, no complaints – about anything.


The absolute alternative. To the ‘systems’ we are dealing with every day. To the ‘news’ we are listening to. The ‘scandals’ we are reading about. The ‘disasters’ and ‘dangers’ that are apparently threatening our lives.

Tonight, I’m asking myself what really matters, what really affects Pádraig, us, all of us, more: living life in the company of our friends; or living life pushing ourselves to achieve more, better, faster – while worrying about all that stuff over which we have no influence whatsoever. As I’m writing this I’m thinking – this really is just a rhetorical question, one for which I already know the answer. Wouldn’t you agree? – But…, why is it so easy to forget that answer, that alternative, so often when we’re making choices?