Who says? Who says that Pádraig can’t take a decision? On his medication. On his bank account. On his treatment. On who to pass his medical information on. Who says? – After all, the man voted in the last general elections!


And if someone says that he can’t take a decision, that decisions have to be taken for him – what is that based on?

Maybe he needs some support. Maybe he requires some help. Maybe things have to be explained to him in a certain way. Maybe not everybody understands how Pádraig communicates.

Maybe he requires assistance by a close family member.

But what is the view that he cannot take a decision based on? I am not aware that a formal assessment of his current capacity to take a decision and to understand the implications of that decision has been taken place in Ireland. Yes, such an assessment has been taken place in Germany under the German law and procedures – but none of those are apparently recognised in Ireland…

Pádraig answers complex questions correctly, he shows appropriate emotions, he can tell you which birthday present should be given in his name to a family member. He needs assistance to do all this. But hey – so do many of us. And – after all, the man voted in the last general elections!

Fruit for thought? To think? That this might be more appropriate than applying two lunacy acts from the second half of the 19th century, the 19th century!? And some case law not grounded in legislation at all but developed by judges?

It was a great day today for Pádraig. His new communications device was configured and prepared for his use. Some more work and hands-on experience and he’ll be ready to go. Ready to use it. It might take some time, it might not take any time at all. But no matter how long it will take, this machine will change his life. Imagine what it means to him to take charge of his life again? Of what he is going to wear, what he is going to drink or eat, what music he’ll listen to, which radio station to pick, and which song to play from his playlist!

He’ll take charge of his live. After all, the man voted in the last general elections!

PS: Did a quick re-check on the HSE’s website on Rehab Medicine.


The new Model of Care will deliver, in line with the 2012 (sic!) Neurorehabilitation Strategy, a blueprint for future provision of specialist rehabilitation services in Ireland. (…) Consultation extended until 5:00 p.m. Friday 13th February 2015 (sic!).

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