I’m looking for the hook into the story: three old geezers, the three amigos, heading off to SanFran. On a bicycle. Would you believe it!? I’ve been thinking about contacting Paddy Powers to see what the odds are on all three of them arriving in Napa. On a bicycle. Who will bail out first? Whose backside will first be raw and bloody and so sore that he won’t be able to walk, never mind ride. On a bicycle. Two of them are granddads – one could well be, given his advanced age.


Who on earth do they think they are? They should be staying at home, cutting the grass or something. Why do they do this???

We had a chef in the house this afternoon, cooking for Pádraig. Cooking ahead. The food is now in the freezer and ready to be taken out whenever needed. Great!

More media interest in An Saol and in what families are having to say about the lack of care for sABI survivors. This is a time bomb for the government. They’d better get on their socks a start doing what’s the right thing to do!