Samuel Beckett once said, “There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet”. Makes me think of our health system… But!

There’s nothing to blame in relation to these runners. Because these runners are no ordinary runners.

They are extremely cool. They are brand new. They are so comfortable. They are very big (size 50, European). They fit like a glove. That’s the obvious. Stuff you can see for yourself.

But what makes these runners real special is that they were picked today out of runners and shoes lined up in dozens of shelves. By Pádraig.

By Pádraig, who was not supposed to ever stand again; not be able to have opinions and preferences; not be able to see and recognise; not to like or dislike stuff; no be able to communicate his preferences.


Well, you were wrong, lads.

Life is about making choices. And if you can pick your runners… 🙂