When you can’t use your voice as others do. When you can’t form sounds that represent words that are widely understood.


That doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice. It doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. It just requires a bit more time and patience by those around you. They have to look out for signs they never knew existed. They have to learn to hear the other voices they aren’t familiar with and which are harder to hear. Doing this is both very very difficult and extremely rewarding. Both for the speech-less person.

There is another kind of speech-less-ness. When common sense and rational arguing don’t work anymore, when I get this feeling of being powerless in the face of ignorance or fear. That makes me speech-less.

In either way, being speech-less doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice and an opinion you might want to share. You just do it in a different way

Great day today for Pádraig – we took it easy in the morning, it was a Bank Holiday after all! And then a visit to his grand aunt and a shopping trip to the big Dunnes Store, following by a lovely reading in Irish. Life’s worth living!