There were so many visitors here in the house today, it was impossible to keep track. Carers (PAs), a couple of therapists, two reps, a couple of Pádraig’s friends, a brilliant cooking teacher, and a few ‘regulars’.

I’ve been trying to write about important stuff here for the past few days, or is it weeks, and I just don’t manage to do so. Because by the time I sit down, it’s so late that I can’t really concentrate on anything anymore, can barely type and keep my eyes open. At times, my fingers jam on the keyboard and the keyboard freezes in which case I have to start all over again. It can take a long time to get a sentence together, twice that to get a sentence together that makes sense…

I won’t be able to write what I wanted to write about this tonight, but at least I will mention this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 23.58.12

Check it out here and join us on 13 August when we’ll climb Croagh Patrick. Start your fundraising campaign in support of the An Saol Project!

Finally, An Saol is not only looking for Physios and OTs, we are also looking for a “Programme Co-ordinator” who could help us develop the organisation – please get in touch if you know a suitable person (or persons).