There are days when things are looking good. Today was one of those. Pádraig managed to put all his weight on one leg and relax the other while he was standing in the stand-up bed – when we asked him to do that. First with the left leg. Than with the right leg. It was unbelievable.


The other unbelievable thing that happened today was when his favourite therapist came in to confirm that the HSE had not only approved, but already ordered the computer that will allow Pádraig to communicate with us in an incredibly sophisticated way. It’ll take a bit of ‘setting up’, it’ll take a bit of practice, but – hey, that’ll be nothing in comparison to what he’ll be able to do. And the whole experience can be controlled by a switch, by his eyes, or a combination of both. – I know this might sound a bit strange but I truly believe that if we use this software and machine appropriately, it has the potential to really change his life, because this will allow him not just to select ‘content’, but to produce his own, and to communicate fully with us.

A good day. Finished off by the visit of two of his best friends. What else could you ask for?