Here’s the mother of all health warning. Actually, it’s an “allergen advice” to be precise. I found it in Dunnes Stores, at the fish counter. Do you see it? Whatever you may think, there is an undeniable truth in this ‘advice’.


You might think – well, isn’t this obvious? Hake contains fish!

Up to recently, I would have thought the same. But then I came across experts, professionals, telling me that there is a chance that one might choke when eating; there is a chance of swallowing something the wrong way, to splutter, when drinking; there is a chance of straining a muscle when exercising; and sooo much more. Basically, what they were telling me was: life is dangerous out there.

So what can you do about it?

Stay in bed, breathe through a tracheostomy, get PEG fed, take drugs (of the legal kind)?

We know that life is dangerous and, ultimately, only has the one possible outcome. Only a question of time.

Notwithstanding, we get up every morning. We take on life as if it was one big adventure. We live it to the fullest possible way. We eat, drink, move, go out, have fun – share our love.

Sounds like something really obvious? – Like: “hake-contains-fish” stuff?