Tomorrow, Pádraig will go to see Bell X1, one of his favourite bands, in the Iveagh Gardens. Here is a message that Paul Noonan sent Pádraig right after the accident.

When we rang Ticketmaster earlier in the week to get a ticket for Pádraig we asked for companion tickets (which are often given free or at a reduced rate to allow wheelchair users to attend concerts with their carers) we were told that in this case none were available. We had to buy three tickets – which is grand.

I sent an email to Aiken Promotions asking them would they help us with the tickets. And would they ask Paul Noonan if he could do something about those tickets. So far they didn’t reply – which they should have, I think.

Anyhow and anyways, I’m sure it’ll be a great night tomorrow. And I’m sure that Pádraig will really enjoy the music. Fingers crossed it won’t rain.

Today, Pádraig was kept really busy. A physio visit in the morning (one we had ‘organised’), a visit by the HSE dietitian, and a music therapy session (one we had organised) in the afternoon. Loads of activities.

Later in the afternoon, I met with who I hope will be An Saol’s first professional therapist. Which is when we will move from talk to action. And it’s action that is badly needed.